Here are some recipes to help you score points in the eyes of the airline or stewardess, which easily won the best seats on the aircraft.

Fully paid

When holding tickets on hand, you let the numbers that airline. This is more determined you are in any passenger. Each carrier has different codes, and visitors have easy internet search. For example, you own one of Bangkok Airways ticket, Y system – that has been paid in full.

Such passengers will be the first to be considered for upgrading classes. Make sure your ticket numbers if money was paid in full. No case, you should also ask the ticket agent at the airport, additional code to improve their chances.

Make sure that you get the benefits code when paying full fares even once. Photo: News.


Just take a firm

Many airlines around the world are focusing on the issue “infidelity” of passengers. Regular use of the service is considered a genuine opportunity to become the lucky, easy to upgrade when possible class.

“The airline will reward the most loyal customers by upgrading their classes. They always know how many customers were flying mile “, Ed Hewitt came from IndependentTraveler, a specialized travel website, said.

“Wheedle” flight attendant

Be friendly smile and asked politely with the flight attendant on the plane. If there’s a better place and empty, surely they will change for you.

Knowing select “clement weather, favourable terrain.”

Not flying on peak season or midweek day, you have the opportunity to move to a chair “genuine” than so crowded.

Do not hesitate to give the airline that today is your birthday to enjoy the offers. Photo: News.



Joe Brancatelli, founder JoeSentMe, specific travel sites for merchants, stated, “looks very important and it helps you a lot if you have the intention to upgrade the class”.

In case you appear like a VIP in the luxurious outfits and a black briefcase, make sure opportunities are good seats changed significantly increased. Men can choose his costume for businessmen, and women like to wear the dress simple but polite, gentle makeup.

Advantage birthday

Let the airline know the time of departure coincides birthday. You will have the opportunity to be blessed with beautiful seats on the plane and even free drinks.

Use weakness

According to a survey from Skyscanner 2014, two-thirds of employees admit carriers agreed to transfer the passengers are sick, wounded in the leg, hand on the seat nicer if required. You do not necessarily intentionally injured himself before the boarding but if being … available, use the “excellent way” is.

Use titles

Guests are more likely to be upgraded better seats if added before his name the words “vicar”, “doctor”, “ladies” … when purchasing tickets. Thanks to this procedure, one passenger had been upgraded to 5 times, namely, buy seated tickets but are the exceptional use of beds on the flight from Hong Kong to London.

seat next to you on a flight

Buy site

In case all hope of a good seat on the plane, please pay extra to have beautiful chairs. Many airlines around the world often applied service sell the best seats on the plane, meet all the needs guests.


If sitting next to a loudly crying child, the passenger in the back seat always pedal or seat belt is broken, you absolutely can say little with a flight attendant, and they will change the position (if available ) better.


Please tell immediately if you feel attendants their seats disturbed. Artwork: News.


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