I went to Vancouver in the mid-autumn day. The maple leaves carpet weaving in the image of the beautiful autumn park. When the temperature 00C, but in my, Vancouver is a city “, the concentration of the cold ground.”

The city is not the road

Vancouver Coast and Mountains are among the sections of the curve of the Pacific Ocean. The balance between sea and sky, old and new, with skyscrapers and many sections park, create a beautiful setting of Vancouver. Not only are the old town quite same time, but I also recognize Vancouver in another aspect: the peaceful city and the cultural mix. All this is reflected in the eyes and faces of the natives.

Unlike other cities lane flyovers crisscrossing highways, stretching from Vancouver with car lanes, bike lanes and pedestrians in North America. The local people do not use many cars again demonstrate their wealth by only tram system is public.

Like other Canadian cities, Vancouver welcomes the immigration of other ethnic groups in the world to live here. They live on the streets and bring its brand in the neighbourhood. Most of them are residents of Asia: China, Hong Kong and Japan. Photos of workers to dig their way state government of British Columbia is in the city of China statues, in gratitude to the citizens soon help Canada complete train system from Vancouver to cities on the East Coast. All the colourful culture make Vancouver.

Vancouver, Coast and Mountains

Rows of maple leaves change colour when collected.

City of multidimensional culture

Unlike other cities, often choose to place before zero kilometre post. Vancouver was chosen zero miles Beacon Hill park where hero Terry Fox statue, people with cancer marathon leg from Vancouver to the East Coast cities of Canada to raise money to fight cancer. It ended after 143 days with a final destination is Beacon Hill Park.

I went to Gastown streets cobbled Old England. Time seemed to have stopped drifting in the oldest streets of Vancouver. Jack Deighton Statue – The captain of Yorkshire located between the city centre put me back in the history of the town was founded in the year 1867. The cobblestone street is still there and is “little breathing” of indigenous peoples. They only come here for coffee and conversation every evening straw.

Customers DL perfect tour Canada Fall 2017

The steam clock by expert studies on time Canadians are Raymond Saunders built and completed in 1977 in Gastown, brings exciting sensations. Every five minutes, see howling and blowing smoke into steam, bleak.

I wander through the streets of colours of different cultures in the rain to pick carefully. Yaletown Vancouver brings youthful breath. It is a street with coffee shops close together with shops displaying the latest fashion outfits designed. China Town in Vancouver’s Chinatown second largest city in North America, bringing the oriental colour and culinary diversity.

East Coast cities of Canada

Other attractions in Vancouver:

– Parliament Buildings.
– Flowers Butchart Gardens.
– Mansion Canada.
– Capilano Suspension Bridge of the longest in North America.
– Where to place Winter Olympics 2010.

Liveable cities

The ancient Greek philosophers devise ways to explain the harmony between a particular region and the environment by taking land compared to the basic elements: earth, air, water and fire. Vancouver four criteria are achieved despite the alternation anywhere. Vancouver is a port city in the largest economy in Canada, the “earth” element of Vancouver has responded. Canadian air is very fresh, surrounded by green hills of the city are covered with lids and cedar forest maple leaf.

Greek philosophers

1886 Gastown burned by fires, people tried to reconstruct Vancouver because it is the “soul” of Vancouver. Since then, Vancouver has never happened any public fires, including forest fires. I went back fishing port Inner Harbour, Vancouver, where first steps to this city were laid in 1792 and named after him. Canoes glide through the waters kept free around the city to take me walking around Vancouver. Vancouver still meets the criteria for “water” and “fire”.

Considering the elements of earth, air, water and fire figuratively, Vancouver still found, precious, senior city life, fresh air and multicultural identity. Vancouver is a city of harmony between the elements. The city continued to receive awards from the world famous business magazine: top 5 most livable cities in the world.

I was walking through a golden autumn in Vancouver!


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