It is the cultural heritage, historical witnesses, was the venue for folk festivals, fun enough captivates visitors from afar, and these villages are becoming the “speciality” of the Canadian tourism industry in the summer of 2011.
Deschambault: charm of the ancients

Located in Quebec and Montreal, raised Saint Laurent River proudly and is located on the road first built in the village of Quebec should have an impressive history.

Guests will easily explore the homes, synagogues ancient 16th-century castle and 17. The small with three different kinds of the architecture of the former warlords also Footbinding travellers.

A house in the vicar at Deschambault, ancient architecture

Orford: classical style innovation

As a destination for nature lovers, but also a point Orford village cultural convergence calibre. This year, the art centre of the village will celebrate 60 years of establishment. According to organisers, from 1-7 to 14-8 days, the concert hall has been renovated promises to deliver the high-quality performances.

With a broad range of arts activities plentiful and varied coherently presented with shows every Friday night mixed the culinary program including typical dishes all over the world is also very worthwhile for when tourists come to this village.

Orford village cultural convergence calibre

Baie-Saint-Paul: the breath of art

For too long, many art lovers and culinary chose village Baie-Saint-Paul is a relaxing place. Here, the art gallery after another adjacent main road is always a crowded spectacle.

The vibe before the beautiful picture beside the welcome kind, friendly locals and serene beauty of the landscape has led many tourists who hardly moved from the village of elegant heels this. Even young people are also prone fascinated by the concerts and performances of the famous circus …

Romance Wakefield

If only a short trip, the Wakefield deserved an attractive destination. The only inn with ancient wooden buildings and stone was built in 1911 has been a topic of endless stories. And every morning I wake up, visitors can walk along the river and walked dreaming through a red bridge before wandering watching small shops, shops in the village clinic.

For sports lovers, the park Gatineau with 170km bike trails will bring a sense of euphoria …

Romantic river in the village of Wakefield

According to Canadian writer Anne Hébert, this is a beautiful village situated on the coast pure. In small shops, visitors will enjoy the dishes with typical local flavours, from smoked fish to local beer by distillation.


It is also a destination for those keen sea activities like rock climbing, sailing on the sea …

A road with colourful houses in the village of Kamouraska

Located on the island of Orleans, the historic village that has remained of historic French period set foot exploring the land. The old house with lovely appearance, small castles and cathedrals have since the first French settlers in the village is the tipping point for cruise guests to enjoy.

When the weather is beautiful, sunset spectacle will be an excellent impression unforgettable.


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