Visit the city of Victoria, the provincial capital of British Columbia, Canada has brought us abundant experiences in the period just mere two days exploring the beautiful city brought this little European appearance.

Driving a round town, many great castles beautiful out front. According to local Aboriginal consultation, we decided to visit Craigdarroch castle, the symbol of the lifestyle of the rich people in the late 19th century in the city of Victoria.

Just turn on a small road from the city centre only a few minutes drive, castle stone horns appeared before our eyes. This castle was built from 1887 to 1890. The owner of the business it is king Robert Dunsmuir coal wealthy, he spent only a few months before the castle completed.

Fares visit for two people is 27 CAD (Canadian dollar). The entire castle with the usable area of 2,400 m2 near is panelled oak expensive. The lights on the ceiling make the colour yellow oak brown shade and beautiful glow, creating an incredibly cosy space and luxury.

After the castle owner, Robert lost his wife at about nine years, also lost. By the year 1921, the castle was requisitioned by the military hospital, and the University of Victoria, Victoria Music School and then from 1969 to now, the city tourist attractions.

We drove into the city centre for lunch. Vietnamese Restaurant is ranked 3rd in the list of Vietnam in Victoria restaurant called Pho Vy’s very Vietnamese. Rice dish packaging broke ribs affordable eggs in origin who enjoy tasty spreads!

The road Wharf, Government and Belleville along the harbour was crowded roads busiest, is the soul of the city, always crowded tourists, bustling docks and boats under pedestrian ashore. A wharf is an ideal base for sightseeing, watching people and watching seaplanes planes to pick up the luxurious tour.

Information Support Centre, the stalls selling ice cream and beverages of all kinds serve travellers for travellers located inside the harbour. The harbour is also the ideal place for fresh air for the whole family. There are also car-like vehicles of Vietnam trishaw stand along Belleville invites guests to do a hoe around the city.

I enjoyed the two head lamps hanging flower baskets along the harbour, looked like a woman in Vietnam with the optical double burden. Moreover, it gives the city bearing little quaint appearance and colours of the flowers “lit” a corner of the harbour. Far away from the harbour view is the legislative buildings of the city, where the meeting of senior officials on political decisions for the province of British Columbia, including Vancouver.


One thing fascinating city of Victoria as the carriage system is allowed to move around in the city centre. Known horse ride service is open to visitors as well as locals from 1903 until now! Guests can not help glancing at the sound of each of the horses and brandishing poles filter on asphalt. But the horse is apparently familiar with busy traffic density, and still cavalier walked inside the car, truck rocketed TB.

I’m not out of anxiety when caught chariot burial walked inside the hotel building wild Empress vines … I feel like I’m living witness in Europe hundreds of years ago to transport the car horse and the ancient castle as I have seen in books and numerous films.
Legislative building large campus lawn is ideal for people to have fun, sun or sit chatting. Legislative Building began its operation as well as to welcome visitors in 1898! This monumental work has stood firm and maintained its historical beauty far as 112 years.

From the Legislative Building, just across the road is to Wax Museum (Wax Museum), which showcases the celebrity statues made of wax. More than 300 celebrities in this wax museum. The admission is not too expensive, $ 15 / person.

Modeler technology has reached the peak. The exquisite detail of the face such as eyes, eyebrows, mouth and wrinkles were fantastic, very realistic and soulful even if you look very close. All the wax statues here are just like the real height.


Here you will encounter Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Napoleon Bonaparte and wife, scientist Albert Einstein illustrious, Marilyn Monroe, the famous president in the history of Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and the Obama delegation.

After dinner, we went esplanade at the harbour and watch the harbour in the dim twilight, and night falls. Evening harbour seemed doubly crowded bustling harbour daytime because along with circus performances and comedy, for free, crowded with onlookers. And there is even a rock band playing was “impulsive” adjacent to the harbour.

Legislative buildings of the city of Victoria on the night “radiant beauty without glare”, as one outstanding point between the city centre

Lively music filled the place, and the audience danced madly, and the distant view and walk on the road nor out swinging follow. I enjoyed and remembered the peaceful atmosphere in the harbour city of Victoria that day, it was cool, pulsating live music for all to enjoy and watch people stroll back and forth … It’s interesting seeing new life and how your peace!


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