Taiwan is a relatively new destination for Vietnamese people, so the travel information Taiwan is usually not much. Therefore, we please to share with you some of the travel Taiwan tips, hope your trip easier and more convenient.

Taiwan island nation is in tropical climates, high humidity, hot summers, and winters are snowy. Therefore, the best time for Taiwan travel from September to November when the weather is fresh and convenient for travel tours or dry in February, mainly a season of abundant flower blooms.

Taiwan Luxury Travel

Taiwan hotel rental

Taiwan has a highly developed economy; the hotel system is very diverse and plentiful with luxury hotels to budget hotels. You should choose hotels which are close to the attractions to avoid many moves. You can refer to some of the hotels below:

Hotels in Taipei

The visitor should find a hotel near Shilin markets or Taipei 101 because it is near MRT for almost convenient for moving in the city.

Royal Seasons Hotel Taipei is a luxurious 4.5-star hotel situated in a prime location in Taipei downtown. The hotel is close to famous attractions such as Shin Kong Life Tower, Taipei Bridge, Guanghua Market and a miniature museum of Taiwan. For the information of hotels in Taiwan, you can see here: Taiwan Hotels.

San Want Hotel (Chung Hsiao town – Taipei) facilitates to move to the city’s tourist attractions such as Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station, Mingyao Shopping Center, Breeze Center Zhong Xiao …

Taiwan Skyline

Hotels in Taichung, Taiwan

To facilitate the movement of travelling Taichung, Taiwan you should rent hotels in 2 areas as follows:

  • Near Taichung train station
  • Or near Fengjia Night Market

Hotels in Kaohsiung

You should rent hotels at R14 area (Kaohsiung Arena), R12 (Hongyi), R10 (Formosa Boulevard). This is the central area, very comfortable shopping.


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