Switzerland is a small country does not have many magnificent castles like the nations of the region. But this is a country with many world-famous festivals. Each season, each region has its traditional festival different Switzerland. If you are lovers of cultural tourism festival, the festival of Switzerland following will surely be interesting to you.

Hot-air Balloon Festival

Impressive and unique festivals of Switzerland
This festival is held annually in January in Chateau-d’Or, Switzerland. Although the weather in January is still frigid, the attraction of this festival attracts many visitors to admire. On This Day gathers all the balloons in the water in the area to attend a variety of colours and different shapes. These balloons flying in the sky created a fantastic scene very impressively.

At Montreux Jazz Festival

This festival is not only to be expected of the Swiss artist but also the expectations of the famous jazz musicians in the world. Switzerland Jazz Festival brings together the world famous artist. Swiss cultural events usually take place every year in April. At this point, you will have the opportunity to hear traditional tunes, the folk of the country participated.

Switzerland Music Festivals

Bullfighting festival

You may recall that this is incredibly interesting festivals and exciting, breeds compete Here (name of local races). Like the famous cows aggressive in the ring, so when tourists and local people will be watching the screen tension and tight match. The competition takes place on Sunday a few weeks before the final took place. First will be little games; then there will be competition between the states. If a bully wins, it will get bonuses and called “Queen”. Swiss people often call this festival is the “war of the Queen”. This is one of the traditional festivals Switzerland has since the 1920s in the valley Valais

Escalade ceremony


Alphorn Festival Nendaz Switzerland
Escalade service also brought tremendous historical significance for the Swiss; it is a victory anniversary of Geneva against the mighty armies of France.

In those days, children will be dressed for the parade, then sang traditional songs in dialect Geneva region. The unique feature of this holiday is grand relay ceremony on the evening of 11/12, with the participation of 1,000 people, all dressed in medieval times with 60 horse. Guests of this day will be enjoying a glass of hot wine. Here you will also hear the story of “Mother Royaume” myth, to make this rare victory of Switzerland.

The festivals in Zurich

Zurich many festivals in all seasons. The biggest festival to mention street festivals lantern parade lasted for three days. The convoy is associated with flowers and street dances. Or tourists travel Swiss festival season will also be participating in the Spring Festival in Zurich was held on the 2nd of the 3rd week of May 4. This is also the traditional Swiss festival special meaning ending winter.

Besides tourism tourist Zurich also have the opportunity to attend the festival guests as Lichterschwimmen- traditional festive lights drop Limmat River. Zuri Fascht Festival is held three times in one summer. Festspiele festival includes performances of theatre, opera, music and art, held in late June and early July each year, with exhibitions throughout the city.


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